23 April 2016

The Up's and Down's of Mt. Kilimanjaro - Part 11, final

14 February 2016, Sunday
Day 7
Final Climb Day

Mweka Hut – Mweka Gate
3100m (10 170ft) - 1828 m (6,000 ft)


I woke up very stiff, and very sore. I somehow managed to ease my boots on without putting too much pressure on the blisters. Deep heat applied on my legs, and anti-inflammatories taken, I steeled myself for the pain to come...

The route down was beautiful, but tough, as the day before. At one point I discovered that jogging down put less strain on my legs than walking. So, I would let the group go ahead, then jog and catch up, then walk slowly and let the group go ahead, and catch up again. It still hurt, but it was better.

With about 1-1.5hrs to go, the path changed to wide forest track. I wish they supplied mountain bikes; it would have taken 30 minutes to make it to the gate.

When we got to the gate, I managed a quick photo, stumbled to some chairs, and flopped, my feet throbbing. They gave us a packed lunch (fried chicken, fruit and a muffin), which went down incredibly well!

Now it was just a case of resting and waiting for our certificates.

I was tired, dirty, stank, hurt, but I had climbed a mountain. It felt like I had been away for months. And my achievement hadn’t quite sunk in. It still hasn’t.

Happy Valentines Day!

I was put in Room 14 back in the hotel

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