19 June 2012

RV's and Caravans

So I've decided that this flying thing isn't working out for me, and I'm going to change careers and become an automotive journalist.



Here are some photos of a just-for-fun air to air sortie I did last week.

^Now THAT's an RV!^

After some formo, we broke off and did some aerobatics. I got to feel 4G's... now I want to know what 6G's feel like!

And after the aero's, we joined up again and flew some more formo.
Tough life...


On Saturday 16 June, the annual Western Cape Landing Competition was held at the Stellenbosch Airfield.

I didn't get to take part, but I did get to sit in a Caravan for the very first time. What a machine!

All the photos I have of the cockpit are really poor quality, but this particular 'Van is kitted out with the Garmin 1000. Sleek.