23 April 2010

It's been pretty quiet

Can't believe how long ago it was when I did that X-country!

Not much has been happening on the flying-side of things. But a fair amount has been going on in general: School is on the go once again, and I'm already counting down the days until the June holidays! I can't wait until I'm free next year :D

I haven't flown for over 3 weeks now; I wasn't feeling happy with the aircraft, so I decided to cut back on the flying until I could have everything checked out. And now she's in the process of having her MPI done. It's been about a week and a half since we started, and I doubt we'll be finished by next weekend. Needless to say I'm itching to take to the sky once again!

I've been doing a lot of thinking about this whole CPL business. I wanted to start asap, but a few people have advised me against doing so, saying I must focus on my Matric year. At first I disagreed with them, but now I'm beginning to realise that it will be difficult to juggle flying lectures, school, school exams, and flying exams. Difficult, but not impossible!

But we'll see. I'll probably change my mind 10 million times before coming to a final decision. So until then, I'll just keep on keeping on.

Oh yeah, saw a Cessna Citation Mustang last night. Schweet! Brand new, with an all-glass cockpit. Very sleek machine!