24 April 2011

Time Flies

Okay, so I didn't realise that its been almost a month since my last post. There hasn't been much to write about. Yes, we did have the Simons Town Navy Festival, but I found it rather dull. The flying displays consisted of a Lynx and the Silver Falcons; no Oryx. And while it was good to see so many of our ships there, climbing aboard each and every one of them just isn't fun.

Apart from that, I've been studying, sleeping, and fighting with the internet (thanks to Telkom, this is the first time since last week Thursday that I've been able to go on the interwebs). Oh, I've done the occasional bit of flying. I started my Night Rating a few weeks ago, and now all I need to do is a refresher flight, and then the test. Me being me, I picked winter to do this. Yesterday was stunning, today it's raining. Joy.

Last week there was a fire on th Helderberg Mountain. That was exciting. I'll post something on that soon.

Last night I realised that it's almost May. I want to have my CPL by 8 August 2011. I have 3 subjects left, and I need another 65 hours. I think I'm running out of time...

Happy Easter.